Essay writing on environment for kids

Essay writing on environment for kids

Essay on Save Environment! These essays will also guide you to learn about the importance, reasons, challenges and remedial measures taken to save environment. Our environment suffers from several risk factors. Some of them stem from human interference while others are natural occurrences. Whether caused by humans or not, what is clear is that we must take action. Doing nothing might lead to severe consequences for our environment.

These conscious acts are generally aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions thereby creating a safer environment. Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard.

The air we breathe, the soil we live on, the trees which give us oxygen along with other flora and fauna on the earth all constitute the environment. It would have been impossible to survive on the earth had we not had such a supportive environment.

However, with the surge in the urbanisation over the last few years we have seen a steady decline in the quality of the environment around us. Environment constitutes the entire surroundings comprising water, air, sunlight, plants, animals, etc. It is important to save environment as life of living beings is completely dependent on it. Humans utilize the water for drinking, air for breathing and also use other natural resources for their regular everyday jobs.

essay writing on environment for kids

In fact, the food we consume like milk, eggs, and vegetables, etc. Environment can be saved by planting more trees, recycling, reusing, reducing pollution, creating awareness through environmental programs, etc. If we want to save the environment then, we should stop the exploitation of natural resources. Using these resources cautiously is very important to save the environment.

In the so-called modern era, the biggest issue for the human race is to save environment and make earth a cleaner and greener planet. The human race has done a lot of damages to this world. Our surroundings have suffered the curse of pollution, exploitation of resources, and many other things.

Now, it is our duty to take some important measures and save environment for future generations. Industrialization has been the biggest source of pollution. To compensate for the fuel needs, we over exhausted most of the non-renewable resources, like coals, minerals, and oils.

In order to save environment, we should switch to eco-friendly energy sources, such as solar power, hydropower, wind energy, etc. We can also watch this burning issue being discussed on news channels.

This helps them understand global warming and its dangerous consequences. We can together do so by reducing the plastic usage, saving electricity, using solar power, and planting more trees in our surroundings. Doing this will not only save environment but also improve the quality of life for both animal and plant species and save them from going extinct. The kind of damage that has been inflicted is palpable and the need has been felt to save environment sooner rather than later.

The effect of global warming, the increase of greenhouses gases, the depletion of the ozone layer and the alarming levels of pollution are all an indicator of an impending catastrophe. Until and unless we know how to save environment and take remedial measure, our future is in grave hands. Too many people complain that the damage is beyond the repair point, however, it is better to put an effort rather the sit and whine.

The environment is capable of healing and all we need is to give it a push in the right direction in order to save environment. It is important to understand and imbibe the concept of sustainable living.Writing essays is often a part of school projects, however, choosing from a variety of topics can be quite challenging. This list provides a range of such essay topics you can choose from. Essays, which can be defined as interpretative or analytical literary compositions are a part and parcel of student life.

However, majority of students do not realize the importance of essay writing and consider it to be a worthless activity.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment Essay

They do not understand that essay writing is important for developing their writing skills. Other than this, studies have proved that writing essays are also said to be important for the intellectual development and knowledge internalization in kids.

It not only aids in enhancing their analytical and critical thinking skills, but also their research skills. Hence, it is important to include essay writing for students from a very young age. This will help the kids to understand the basics of essay writing like formatting, sentence construction, organization of thoughts, etc. Teachers should introduce essay writing to kids with easy topics, gradually moving to more complex topics, like, argumentative, persuasive, etc.

Let us take a look at some of the school level topics. It is always good to begin with essays where children can describe something. The topic should be about something that the kids already know, like, their home or family. Such type of essay topics will aid them to learn to organize their thoughts in a constructive manner. After the children select their topic, they can make points about them, before actually writing the main essay.

essay writing on environment for kids

Here are some good essay topics that kids may find easy to write. After descriptive essays, the next step will be argument essay writing. Argumentative essays are those where students have to put forth their point of view about a topic. However, it is important to remember that these essays cannot be based just on personal knowledge, rather kids have to find enough proof to support their opinions and thoughts. Persuasive essays are somewhat similar to argumentative essays, where students have to present their opinions on a topic.

The difference is that the essay should persuade the readers to change their opinion about something after reading it. Hence, kids have to conduct thorough research before writing a persuasive essay. Essays of this type prove to be a good exercise for kids where they learn to compare between two concepts, find the relations between two contrasting ideas, look at all aspects of a subject and understand it in different ways.

Compare and contrast topics thus help build analytical skills in children. Being Famous. Living off campus.

essay writing on environment for kids

All these essays are fictitious in nature. Autobiographical essays are not based on any famous personalities. Some popular autobiography topics are:. These essay topics for kids can be altered slightly by the teacher as per the grade at which the children are studying. Teachers should also give the kids appropriate guidelines for each type of essay that they have to write.

Practicing essay writing on these topics is a way of preparing kids to deal with more complex essay topics that they will encounter during their higher studies. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.Pollution also is known as environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful substances and contaminants in the environment.

It is the most crucial threat faced by all countries globally. The substances are responsible to cause pollution are known as pollutants. Pollution is responsible for:. Pollution has now achieved the highest level because of industrialization and development.

The very first reason for environmental pollution are humans itself. They are becoming prisoners of their own creations. The environmental pollution can some into any of the following categories:. It is very necessary for us to understand how pollution can affect and how it can be reduced. As we have already seen different types of environmental pollution in the above paragraph. The type of environmental pollution depends on the causes and factors responsible to cause pollution.

The classification of environmental pollution is done on the basis of certain specific natural components. The agents are responsible to cause pollution are known as pollutants. Some of the sources that cause environmental pollution are:. The effect of environmental pollution depends widely on the type of pollution that is causing it. There are limitless diseases caused because of environmental issues.

Some of them are. To meet the needs of the overgrowing population and technological advancements, the demand for natural resources keep on increasing. But we cannot ignore the fact that the environment is paying a huge amount to meet all these needs and in return affecting the living creatures life. If environmental pollution i ncreases at the same pace, it will make it difficult for future generation to survive. So it is highly recommended to adopt effective measures to reduce the causes of environmental pollution.

If you need to plagiarise free essay for submitting to your college, contact our eminent essay writers. They have expertise in writing any kind of essay like argumentative, persuasive or descriptive. Get Free Assignment Quote. Add More. Get Support Instantly.Everything that surrounds us is referred to as our environment. It includes living, non living, natural or manmade things. Our natural environment includes trees, bushes, gardens, rivers, lakes, air etc.

Essay Topics for Kids That Help Sharpen Their Writing Skills

Ancient humans lived closer to the natural environment and therefore they lived healthier and longer. But today we are surrounded by the artificial environment that we have created for ourselves — buildings, air conditioned rooms, streets, shopping complexes, vehicles emitting poisonous gases, dust etc. It would hardly require a second thought to conclude that this self made artificial environment of ours is a harmful creation.

Not only we are breathing pollution but also doing considerable damage to nature, in our expedition to grow materialistically, further aggravating the situation. The more we move away from our natural environment, the more we move away from health and longevity.

In the following essays we will discuss in details, the meaning and significance of environment and how it could be protected.

Use following Environment Essay for your kids and children to help them in completing their school project or essay writing competition. Following Essay on Environment are written using very simple word and easy to understand English Language so that your children can easy understand it. An environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet called earth.

Natural environment plays a great role in the existence of life on earth and it helps human beings, animals and other living things to grow and develop naturally. But due to some bad and selfish activities of the human beings, our environment is getting affected. As we all are well familiar with the environment, it is everything which surrounds us naturally and affects our daily lives on the earth.

Everything comes under an environment, the air which we breathe every moment, the water which we use for our daily routine, plants, animals and other living things, etc around us.

An environment is called healthy environment when natural cycle goes side by side without any disturbance. Now, in the era of advance living standard of the human being, our environment is getting affected to a great extent by the means of air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, water pollution, soil pollution, acid rain and other dangerous disasters created by the human beings through technological advancement. We all must take an oath together to protect our natural environment to keep it safe as usual forever.

Environment means all the natural surroundings such as land, air, water, plants, animals, solid material, wastes, sunlight, forests and other things. However, now a day, some manmade technological advancement spoiling the environment in many ways which ultimately disturbs the balance or equilibrium of nature.PRACTICE Creating a positive learning environment Whilst the role I hold is one of educator, for the learner to feel safe in their relationship with me as their teacher, I need to convey my strong concern for them as a person, not just in what they are learning.

I will speak to each student respectfully and model the same using language that is empathetic and positively framed. I will also engage with the student beyond the classroom and show interest in their concerns and passions. I also feel. To create the positive learning environment that is needed in classrooms today, a teacher needs to have good classroom management. When you think of classroom management, what usually comes up is school discipline. For a school to create a safe learning environment and culture that makes students feel welcome, school discipline management needs to be effective.

Administrators are usually the school personnel involved with maintaining school discipline. Studies have shown that administrators in charge. I believe that creating a positive learning environment with high expectations will create a successful classroom. It is important that I establish a safe and respectful relationship with the children that I interact with. We will work together to define our classroom expectations so they have ownership to the rules, and expectations, and then I just need to enforce them.

When the children have high expectations, and they see me working hard, they will increase their motivation to learn. I believe. One student may be creating a board game on the life cycle of a rose, while another is creating a music video about the life cycle of a frog.

Students are working together or they may be working individually, but their choice in the classroom is evident. This is a positive learning environment. Student and teacher relationships. Trust is important for students to take risks and allow learning to occur in the classroom. Trust, safety, and consistency are beneficial in the learning environment. A classroom where students feel safe, realize the teacher is consistent, and trust is developed, will allow students to grow and change socially, emotionally, and academically.

This will offer a positive learning environment. Establishing rapport with students is extremely important. Students should feel. Creating an environment conducive to learning Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Learning encompasses three broad domains—knowledge, behaviours and attitudes. When we create a positive environment for learning, we set the conditions for students to move through a range of behaviours in each domain, from simple to increasingly complex, until they achieve mastery of the course learning outcomes.

The challenge of creating a positive learning environment is one that. A productive learning environment is key to a students' educational and social success in school. An environment that can provide a better education does not happen on its own; it must be created. To achieve that environment, educators. School culture can be defined as the quality and character of school life.

It is based on patterns of school life experiences and reflects norms, goals, values, relationships, teaching, leadership practices and the structure of the organization. Several studies have concurred that student performance is directly related to school climate.

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Essay on Save Environment

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The Standard Deviation shows the relation that set of scores has to the mean of the sample. Again lets take the set of scores:to compute the standard deviation, we first find the distance between each value and the mean. We know from above that the mean is 20. So, the differences from the mean are:15 - 20.

Next, we square each discrepancy:-5. Here, the sum is 350. Next, we divide this sum by the number of scores minus 1. Here, the result is 350.

This value is known as the variance. To get the standard deviation, we take the square root of the variance (remember that we squared the deviations earlier). This would be SQRT(50. Although this computation may seem convoluted, it's actually quite simple. To see this, consider the formula for the standard deviation:In the top part of the ratio, the numerator, we see that each score has the the mean subtracted from it, the difference is squared, and the squares are summed.

In the bottom part, we take the number of scores minus 1. The ratio is the variance and the square root is the standard deviation. In English, we can describe the standard deviation as:the square root of the sum of the squared deviations from the mean divided by the number of scores minus oneAlthough we can calculate these univariate statistics by hand, it gets quite tedious when you have more than a few values and variables.

Every statistics program is capable of calculating them easily for you. For instance, I put the eight scores into SPSS and got the following table as a result:The standard deviation allows us to reach some conclusions about specific scores in our distribution. Assuming that the distribution of scores is normal or bell-shaped (or close to it. This kind of information is a critical stepping stone to enabling us to compare the performance of an individual on one variable with their performance on another, even when the variables are measured on entirely different scales.

The Bank of Russia compiles and publishes statistical data in accordance with Article 4 of Federal Law of 10 July 2002 No. The information is represented on a nationwide scale and when applicable by federal district and constituent territory of the Russian Federation. Compilation of statistical data by the Bank of Russia is guided by international principles of methodological consistency, comparability and integrity, accuracy and reliability, serviceability and accessibility of data, and also by the commitment to protect the confidentiality of reported data.


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