Marketing msu email

Marketing msu email

Market Research Curriculum

The Marketing program at Michigan State University is known for producing leaders who can effectively manage the marketing function at for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Students may elect to complete more than 6 credits from the courses that are listed in item 3. Undergraduate Degree - Marketing Program:. Program Code:.

Program Level:. Award Type:. Start Term:. Excerpt from the official Academic Programs Catalog: Listed below are the approved requirements for the program from the official Academic Programs Catalog. Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs. Following this section are the requirements as represented in Degree NavigatorMSU's online advising tool. The Degree Navigator section is only available for programs using Degree Navigator for degree certification.

View this text within the context of the catalog. Degree Requirements from Degree Navigator. NOTE: Degree Navigator is an advising tool only and should not be viewed as a contract with the student. Any questions about the requirements should be directed to an academic advisor. Marketing, BA Proceed to Degree Navigator. University Mathematics: The required number of courses from 1 of the following sets of courses.

University Laboratory Experience: The required number of credits from 1 of the following sets of courses. At least 1 credit from an Alternative Track Lab credit. University Diversity Distribution: A total 2 courses. At least 1 course from NationalIAH or ISS courses emphasizing national diversity or both national diversity and international and multicultural diversity.

At least 1 course from InternationalIAH or ISS courses emphasizing international and multicultural diversity or both national diversity and international and multicultural diversity.

Major - Marketing: Students may elect to complete more than 6 credits from the courses listed in Requirement 14 with the understanding that the grades earned in such courses will be included in the GPA of the courses in the Major Field of Concentration. Applies to Requirement s College - Business Core - International Course or Experience: 1 course from an approved course or experience with international content to fost development of a global mindset as approved by the Academic Advisor.

Electives: 0 credits from Electives at Michigan State University and transfer coursework. This number can change based on the credits of the coursework taken to fulfill University, College, and Major requirements.Our marketing, public relations and digital strategy team takes an integrated approach to increasing visibility and building reputation for Michigan State University.

From brand campaigns and national media placements to enterprise marketing technology initiatives and paid advertising, we help MSU pursue the strategies, products and tools to deliver the Spartan story of discovery, education and impact. The way our brand is expressed — its look, feel, tone and messages — reflects who Spartans are and what we aspire to achieve.

We provide a range of resources, including brand guidelinesto help the MSU community leverage the positive equity of the brand.

marketing msu email

Our PR specialists select stories to develop, write and pitch to media, based on inherent news value, strong potential for national media coverage and to build reputation.

To explore the newsworthiness of a particular item, contact the PR specialist assigned to that area or your unit communicator. Faculty and staff interested in receiving media training related to communicating research, scholarship, teaching and outreach topics should contact Jennifer Davisdirector of public relations.

Team members create, aggregate and amplify additional content for these channels, including managing paid promotion, using a content model and guided by analytics. With design, photography and videography, we bring MSU stories to life. We are the visual expression of Michigan State, working in a variety of styles, formats and forms all designed to share the MSU experience and increase engagement.

A complimentary photo gallery for the public and a free image gallery for MSU communicators and other staff and faculty members are available at photos. Prints of images found in any of our galleries may be purchased from that secure website. Our photo and video team also offers consulting and fee-for-service photography and video on a limited basis. Please contact the team for pricing on services.

For photography services, contact Derrick Turner. For videography services, contact Kevin Epling. Our team manages the msu. We engage audiences through a number of university-level social channels including FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter and YouTube.

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We develop and implement digital experience and marketing strategies to meet university goals. In the areas of social media and website design, the team establishes guidelines and standards for MSU social media and website design, shares expertise and best practices with communicators across campus and provides consultation. These technologies support communicators, make the university more efficient and help provide a more seamless digital experience for our audiences.

We design, manage and conduct research and data analysis to inform strategy, understand audience behaviors and preferences, understand trends and improve marketing and PR effectiveness. The team is responsible for developing an insights framework for key performance indicators at the university level and across units for strategic priorities. Home Teams.Jump to navigation. Link to Graduate Handbook.

Search form Search. Graduate Specializations A subdivision of a major for specialized study which is indicated after the major on official transcripts Graduate Certificates Non-degree-granting programs to expand a student's knowledge and understanding about a key topic Interdisciplinary Programs.

Theses and Dissertations Doctoral and Plan A document submission process Policies and Procedures important documents relating to graduate students, mentoring, research, and teaching Academic Programs Catalog Listing of academic programs, policies and related information Traveling Scholar Doctoral students pursue studies at other BTAA institutions. Apply Now Graduate Departments review applicants based on their criteria and recommends admission to the Office of Admissions Application Information Important Information about the graduate application process International Applicants Application information specific to international students.

PhD Public Data Ph. Recruitment Awards Opportunities for departments to utilize recruitment funding Readmission When enrollment is interrupted for three or more consecutive terms. Assistantships More than 3, assistantships are available to qualified graduate students Fellowships Financial support to pursue graduate studies Research Support Finding funding for your research.

Teaching Development Resources, workshops, and development opportunities to advance your preparation in teaching Personal Well-Being Tools, resources, and programs to not only help you succeed, but have a great experience overall. Cohort Fellowship Programs Spartans are stronger together!

marketing msu email

Community Engagement A Certificate that prepares students for careers that integrate scholarship with community engagement. The Edward A.

marketing msu email

Grad Life and Wellness Collaborates with graduate students in their pursuit of their advanced degree and a well-balanced life Housing and Living in MI MSU has an on and off-campus housing site to help find the perfect place to stay Mental Health Support MSU has several offices and systems to provide students with the mental health support that they need. Spouse and Family Resources MSU recognizes that students with families have responsibilities that present challenges unique to this population Health Insurance Health insurance info for graduate student assistants and students in general at MSU Safety and Security MSU is committed to cultivating a safe and inclusive campus community characterized by a culture of safety and respect.

Toolkit A set of resources for support units, faculty and graduate students Workshops Workshops covering important topics related to mentor professional development. Social Media Connect with the Graduate School! In the College of:. Eli Broad Graduate School of Management. Call MSU: Visit: msu. Notice of Nondiscrimination Spartans Will.Career opportunities are available in marketing management, market research, industrial sales, sales management, business development, retail management and many other areas.

Digital marketer Brand strategist Marketing analyst Marketing communication specialist. Application of consumer behavior principles to customer satisfaction, market planning and marketing mix decisions. Ethical, diversity and international issues. View full course description at the Office of the Registrar. Role of the sales organization and nature of customer and channel relationships. Buying behavior and sales processes. Fundamentals of personal selling. Experiential project that challenges students to assimilate and apply key concepts.

Research methods designed to obtain information for marketing decisions. Research design, data collection and interpretation of information to aid in making managerial decisions. Identification and analysis of managerial marketing issues. Integration of marketing concepts and theories through case analysis. Ethical and international applications. Process of planning, starting and positioning new businesses which link directly to customer requirements. Understanding unmet market opportunity due to competitive gaps or customer needs realized or not for both consumer and industrial products and services.

Analysis of sales territories. Management of recruitment, selection, training and motivation of sales personnel. Evaluation of sales performance. Diversity and ethical issues. Analytic, decision-making and planning concepts and tools available to product managers.The Broad MSMR is a credit program consisting of specialized marketing research classes including consumer insights courses and customer analytics courses.

Both the full-time and online programs consist of the same market research courses taught by the same professors. An MSMR degree provides students with invaluable preparation for excellent employment opportunities, and a fulfilling career in marketing research, be it with corporations, strategic consulting organizations, advertising agencies or marketing research firms.

The fall full-time MSMR is a one-year, credit course program that includes a team-based capstone project or internship experience. Explore the Fall Program.

Students begin the program in January and graduate in December each year. Explore the Full-Time Online Program. Be on track to become a member of the next generation of business and marketing leaders.

Enroll in the online M. You will learn valuable skills in the consumer analytics and insights courses that you can apply while on the job. The marketing research program at Broad features a unique and powerful combination of faculty appointed in the Broad College of Business and other renowned experts from the private sector. MSMR instructors have doctorates in marketing, experience as marketing research consultants, and contribute to leading marketing research and academic journals.

Richard A. Spreng is associate professor of marketing. He received his Ph. Previously he was a regional operations manager for a retailing and importing firm. His research has focused on the determinants of satisfaction, including the measurement of key satisfaction variables.

At Michigan State, Spreng has taught retailing, sales management and consumer behavior at the undergraduate level, as well as customer-driven strategies in both the Full-Time and Executive MBA programs. He specializes in helping organizations develop customer satisfaction measurement systems.

He has conducted research for numerous public, private and nonprofit organizations. He is also co-founder of SureVista Solutions, LLC, a marketing research firm specializing in customer satisfaction measurement systems.

Clients include hospitality, retailing, education, government and nonprofit organizations. Michael Alioto is a consultant for Global companies on the agency side of the consumer insights business and has worked in the automotive, manufacturing and telecommunication sectors.

He has been involved in product and services development, branding and marketing programs from both qualitative and quantitative standpoints.

Michael specializes in the global and multicultural sectors with experience in 20 countries across four continents, as well as working with the application of behavioral approaches and methods to marketing and consumer insights problems. His applied and academic research interests include the humanization of marketing research, behavioral economics, non-linear complexity modeling and the psychological framework of the consumer.

Michael Brereton is a leader in the global marketing research industry. During his thirty-year career, Michael has contributed substantially to the commercial and academic advancement of the marketing research discipline.

Known as a great connector of people, she creates diverse teams to challenge one another and generate the best ideas for serving clients. Drawing on her consumer background and product management experience at Newell Rubbermaid, Lynnette brings fresh and innovative perspectives to the development of Kantar Health offerings and services with a distinct focus on the patient.

Fordyce Award. Jennifer Dale started her career building and repositioning apparel brands at Phillips-Van Heusen and ultimately built InsideHeads, an enterprising online market research company that answers questions for clients across industries, and the globe, with innovative, custom-designed primary research studies.

She has more than 25 years of market research experience on both the client and vendor sides.The date listed for each option is the last day we accept applications, but we highly recommend applying prior to the deadline. Apply Online Today. The best way to check the status of your application is to email msmr broad.


Due to our rolling calendar admittance, please reach out to us at any time if you have a question, need assistance uploading documents or just want to know your application status.

Once you have submitted your application, you will gain access to the Graduate Education Student Portal, where you will also be able to check the current status at any given time. This full-time month program begins in January spring semester of each year. The month fully online program begins in May summer semester of each year.

This full-time month program begins in September fall semester of each year. After completing the first part of the online graduate school application, you will gain access to the Graduate Education Student Portal.

This allows you to check your application status, send e-messages to the department, upload various required documents and request and check the status of your letters of recommendation. The Master of Science in Market Research program application includes the following components, which are described in further detail on this page:. Academic Statement of Purpose. Letter s of Recommendation.

English Language Proficiency Test Score international applicants only. Affidavit of Support and Financial Proof international applicants only. If your transcripts are on file at MSU, additional official transcripts do not need to be requested.

marketing msu email

Official transcripts that can be sent electronically can be emailed directly from your undergrad institution to: msmr broad. Hard copy transcripts can be mailed to the following address below. Please make sure to attach electronic copies of your transcripts to your MSMR application in addition to having hard copy documents mailed to MSU admissions:.

Please have official transcripts and an attested degree copy both in English and original language sent directly from your university to MSU to have your application reviewed for admission. Note: Additional resources and helpful information for international transfer students and applicants can be obtained on the MSU Office of Admissions International Application Checklist Page.

Submit a current resume highlighting your relevant market research education, work and other experiences. This statement should be no longer than two typed, double-spaced pages.

This section can be filled out in the online application or attached as a separate document. Note that the online graduate school application asks for an academic statement and a personal statement. We only ask for an academic statement —you may leave the personal statement section blank.

If you received a 3. Domestic applicants: you may upload a letter of recommendation or two from a professional or academic reference if you choose. This is only optional but can strengthen your application. International applicants: we require one letter of recommendation, but you may submit as many as you wish. The letter s may be uploaded online via the Graduate Education Student Portal.

When you receive access to the portal, you will provide the names and email addresses of your recommenders. The system will then send the recommender an automated message with directions to upload their letters. Note: The MSU application system says three letters are required, but please know that this is just a general message, as many programs use this system. It does not apply to our program.

Letters may also be mailed or emailed to us.We prioritize the real-world application of knowledge and skills to best support students who want to accelerate their careers in marketing research. Students can complete the program on campus or fully online. Whether students choose to come to campus or go online, they experience the same courses taught by world renowned professors.

Study with our experienced marketing faculty. Interact with executive leaders in marketing research. Participate in real-world marketing research, consulting and publication projects.

Become part of an analytical and technology-rich marketing industry. Marketing faculty members in the MSMR have doctorates in marketing, experience as marketing research consultants and valuable contributions to leading marketing research and academic journals. MSMR students participate in marketing research and analytics projects with real clients and can participate in industry publications while working on their market research degree.

Explore the Curriculum. Contact Jessica Richards at msmr broad. The Master of Science in Marketing Research is a credit program consisting of specialized marketing research courses. Eligible MSU students can dual-enroll in the M.

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The Master of Science in Marketing Research program tuition rates include the price of books and statistical software needed for the program. We look forward to connecting. Search Tool. News Events Directory Contact. Doctoral Overview Ph. Request Info Apply.

Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Strategy

Eduniversal, TFE Times, They all agree. Three convenient options. On Campus. After just one semester of being a member of the MSMR program, I have experienced an incredible amount of personal growth.

This program has strengthened my time management and team working skills through real-life marketing research immersion. The professors in the program work hard to help each student envision what a career in the field would really be like Tap into deep marketing research and analytics knowledge. Students in the M. Entering my senior year at MSU as an advertising major, I was unsure of my next move post-grad I discovered the MSMR program Little did I know, I would fall in love with the marketing research field thanks to the amazing faculty and courses offered in the program.

Learn More. Follow the MSMR program on social media! Marketing Research Broad. Faculty stories. The M.


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