Optical abbreviations amp glossary

Optical abbreviations amp glossary

Optical amplifier - How is Optical amplifier abbreviated? Copyright AcronymFinder. Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? Different system impairments have been catered by the use of DCF and optical amplifier.

Data transmission at different fiber lengths has been shown. Kotb, "AND gate based on two-photon absorption in semiconductor optical amplifier ," Optoelectronics Letters, vol. Because transferring of the optical signal over great distances leads to its attenuation, the transmission path contains optical amplifiers.

In optical communication the EDFA fibre amplifiers, SOA semiconductor amplifiers, or amplifiers based on the Raman effect are the most widely used ones []. The step and gradient refractive index profile and Rhodamine B, Rhodamine 6G, and Oxazine 4 optical amplifiers were presented [].

In this paper, we use theoretical and simulation model of distributed Raman optical amplifier in SMF bidirectional optical fiber with two different pumping configurations at pump wavelength of nm and pump power of mW, which is smaller than traditional Raman amplifier's pump. In recent years, optical logic gates based on several different schemes, such as dual semiconductor optical amplifier SOA Mach-Zehnder interferometer MZI [], semiconductor laser amplifier SLA loop mirror [10,11], ultrafast nonlinear interferometers [12,13], and four-wave mixing process in SOA [14], are demonstrated and reported.

Ultrafast all-optical full adder using quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifier-based Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The generation of upstream signal based on semiconductor optical amplifier SOA is reported [9]. Singh et al [10 ] had made comparative study of all the configurations and concluded that placement of optical amplifier as an inline amplifier is the optimal position as it requires minimum power for given probability of error and hence verified the claim by Rasmussen et al. Optimization of interamplifier separation in WDM transmission systems in the presence of fibre nonlinearities.

Reflective SOA for passive optical networks. When more optical budget or extended reach is required, an optical link may be amplified through the use of a basic DWDM accessory--the optical amplifier.

Single wavelength or full C-band amplifiers are common today in the industry and are intrinsic to the optical multiservice solution. New roles for media converters: small form-factor pluggable transceivers expand uses of media conversion. Acronyms browser? Full browser?Here is a listing of common LASIK terms, defined, for when you are researching a laser eye surgery procedure:.

Nearly one out of every four practicing optometrists in North America have affiliated themselves with TLC. A drug that provides a loss of feeling or numbness in a certain area of the body.

Numbing drops that are placed on the eye prior to LASIK to help minimize any discomfort during the procedure.

Astigmatism is a term used to describe an eye that is not perfectly round. An astigmatic eye is one that has a more complex shape think about the difference in shape between a ping pong ball and an egg. Astigmatic corneas focus light in two different places in the eye, making both near and distance vision difficult.

The best possible vision a person can achieve with corrective lenses, as measured in terms of Snellen lines on an eye chart. The bladeless LASIK technology allows surgeons to safely create a uniform corneal flap for every patient, without the use of any blades.

The transparent portion of the eyeball that aids in focusing light onto the retina at the back of the eye. The cornea is composed of five layers of tissue. The first step in the LASIK procedure involves creating and manipulating a protective flap on the cornea.

Custom LASIK uses an instrument called a wavefront analyzer to measure the way light travels through your eye. This data is then used to program the excimer laser to customize your treatment. A unit of measurement used to describe the light bending properties of an optical system.

A deficiency in the production of tears. Patients typically describe dryness as burning, irritation or a foreign body sensation in their eyes. A laser used for vision correction that uses ultraviolet light to reshape the cornea. Hyperopia, or farsightedness is a refractive error in which the eye is too short to focus light properly onto the retina. An employer-provided health savings account available in the United States only. A health savings account is an account created for people who are currently covered under a high deductible health plan HDHP.

Imperfections in the visual system that cause decreased night vision, glare and halos.A common type of color vision test that can help determine general and specific inherited color vision deficits. It consists of a series of color plates in which the test taker is asked to identify numbers or geometric shapes composed of specific colors that are hidden within a field of spots of very similar colors.

People with normal color vision can see the numbers or geometric figures while people with abnormal color vision cannot. Skip to main content. Glossary of Eye Terms Aberration Distortions, related to astigmatismthat cause the inability of light rays entering the eye to converge come together to a single focus point on the retina.

Aberration are divided into two main categories: higher-order and lower-order. Ablation Surgical removal of tissue, typically using a cool beam laser Ablation zone The area of tissue that is removed during laser surgery Accommodation Ability of the eye to change its focus between distant objects and near objects. Altitudinal visual field defects This term describes a visual field defect in which either the upper or lower half of the visual field is selectively affected.

The selective abnormality often creates a horizontal line across the visual field known as "respecting the horizontal meridian". Altitudinal defects occur in retinal vascular disease, glaucoma, and other disorders that affect the eye itself.

Amblyopia Dullness or obscurity of sight for no apparent organic reason, therefore not correctable with glasses or surgery. Sometimes called a lazy eye, wherein one eye becomes dependent on the other eye to focus, usually developed in early childhood. Often associated with strabismus.

Aviation Glossary – Acronyms and Abbreviations

The conditions that most commonly cause amblyopia are eye misalignment strabismusa significant difference in spectacle prescription refractive error between the two eyes anisometropiaor interruption of the light path of one of the eyes by cataract, scar, tumor, etc.

If amblyopia is not treated before the age of 8, the visual deficit is usually permanent. Angle Drainage Angle Drainage area of the eye formed between the cornea and the irisnamed for its angular shape, which is why you see the word "angle" in the different glaucoma names.

Anisometropia Condition of the eyes in which they have unequal refractive power. Anterior Chamber Space between the cornea and the crystalline lenswhich contains aqueous humor. Anterior ocular segment Part of the eye anterior to the crystalline lensincluding the corneaanterior chamberiris and ciliary body. Antioxidants Micronutrients that destroy or neutralize free radicals, molecules that have been implicated as one causative factor in the stimulation of abnormal cellular reproduction cancer and cellular destruction aging.

Antireflective coating Coating on the front or back of glasses lenses, which minimizes the glare for patients who are extremely bothered by glare. Aphakia Absence of the lens of the eye. Aqueous humor Transparent fluid occupying the anterior chamber and maintains eye pressure. Argon laser device used to treat glaucoma usually open angle and diabetic retinopathy using a thermal beam.We have sent a temporary password to your email. Manage your preferred Pearle Vision location, review your eye exam history and see when you're due for an annual exam.

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Optical Glossary

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Change password. Enter password. Enter new password. Confirm new password. Register today Manage your preferred Pearle Vision location, review your eye exam history and see when you're due for an annual exam. Log in now. Confirm Email. Confirm Password. I certify that I am 18 years or older. I would like to receive emails with special offers and updates from Pearle Vision. Eye And Vision Terms. Common and not-so-common eye and vision terms.The list below is non-exhaustive, but it was my intention to provide you with some insight into the most commonly used aviation abbreviations and acronyms to allow you for an easier understanding of the technical talk which you may encounter at some point.

For now, there are only short explanations of each acronym, but I hope to be able to write a short blog post about most of them for which it actually makes sense and in this way create a comprehensive glossary of aviation terms. The release to service of the airworthiness directive can be found in the Technical Log Book, page An operator may engage into ACMI leasing when they require an aircraft urgently and for a reasonably short time period.

During an ACMI lease, the lessor must be an operator themselves and they provide a full service option to the lessee, meaning they provide a ready to fly aircraft with a full flight crew, maintenance support and flight insurance. An AD usually requires maintenance action to be performed on a fleet of aircraft in order to prevent a potentially unsafe condition.

The deferral of such defects must be substantiated by proper documentation such as the MEL, or special manufacturer or CAA permit. The reason for deferral may be the lack of parts, lack of ground time or the need to admit the aircraft to a maintenance facility at a different airport. For example an AFT galley is a galley located in the tail section of an aircraft, as opposed to a FWD forward galley, which would be located up front, in the proximity of the cockpit.

The gearbox reduces or increases the rotational speed of shafts needed to power such external devices. In practice, this often means that ALI task have no tolerance for maintenance intervals. It describes in practical detail and in steps all maintenance tasks which are required by the MPD and also others, related to defect rectification.

The same term may also be used towards organizations which have an approval from the aircraft manufacturer for example a Cessna Authorized Maintenance Organization. The AMP is generally based on the MPD Maintenance Planning Document issued by the manufacturer, although airlines can and should evaluate the MPD requirements for their own operating conditions and apply certain changes.

It is being used to expedite deliveries of parts, assure prompt reaction from the aircraft manufacturer, etc. It is very bad practice to misuse the term AOG for situation which are not critical.

A typical application of the APU would be during the embarkation of passengers, during which the aircraft engines are off, but electrical power and air conditioning is required.

The ARC is being issued once every three years, and each year its validity needs to be extended by a process called an airworthiness review. An aircraft without a valid ARC is not permitted to operate in Europe.

It is mentioned here, because it developed a standard for chapter numbers in aircraft manuals, which has since become widely used to describe in which parts of the documentation specific information can be found.

In other words, the unit is able to test itself and provide the maintenance personnel information about defects and problems. Often used during major task, such as a large aircraft modification. A BOM shows exactly what part numbers and in what quantities are required to complete a modification.

In order to be certain that a life limited part has not exceeded its life limit, it is necessary to have so-called full back to birth traceability. This means, that an operator must have full knowledge when the part has been manufacture and a chronological list of all the aircraft it has been installed in since, with flight times and flight cycles as required.

The CAME contains detailed and complete descriptions of all processes which take part in airworthiness management of aircraft. It also is a basis for quality assurance or compliance monitoring within the organization. The CAME needs to be approved by the airworthiness authority. At present, this acronym is connected solely to fuel tank safety, which requires maintenance personnel to be aware of heat and electricity sources in close proximity or within fuel tanks.

Those changes may be due to deferred defects or purposeful, temporary configuration changes of the aircraft for example the removal of passenger seats.

The purpose of the list is to inform the flight crew about what changes have been made to the aircraft. Under a typical Part aircraft approval, CMM procedures may not be used.

The CMM is used by specialized shops having a Part approval for specific aircraft components.Have you noticed how the ophthalmic community seems to talk in code? And sometimes we even make-up our own abbreviations system. It was a few days later that I also learned that BE in the medical world actually stands for barium enema! To avoid confusion or even embarrassing mistakes, here are some of the most commonly used appropriate abbreviations. Use them to standardize documentation in the medical record.

When you are audited, the nurse reviewer will know exactly what you are referencing. And you might consider submitting this list along with your chart notes for easier interpretation. About the author: This article has been adapted from the January issue of Techniques.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology's newsletter for young ophthalmologists YOs — those in training as well as in their first few years in practice. James G. About Foundation Museum of the Eye. View Topics Topics. All Topics. Annual Meeting. Billing and Coding. Business and Management. Tech and Science. MAR 01, Ophthalmic Abbreviations Practice Management for Retina landing page.

Why Benchmark? YO Info The American Academy of Ophthalmology's newsletter for young ophthalmologists YOs — those in training as well as in their first few years in practice. The Academy Store. Most Commented. Loading, please wait There are no comments available. Most Viewed. Most Viewed content is not available. Retina Surgeon.

Retina Surgeons needed in Beautiful West Michigan. See all jobs.My first encounter with an ophthalmology note was as a third-year medical student. I was taking care of a patient with Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and we had requested an ophthalmology consult.

You just have to talk to them. We have assembled a list of common abbreviations that you are bound to encounter. About the author: Jason D. Rupp completed his residency and fellowship training at Washington University in St.

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

He joined the YO Info editorial board in The American Academy of Ophthalmology's newsletter for young ophthalmologists YOs — those in training as well as in their first few years in practice. James G. About Foundation Museum of the Eye. View Topics Topics. All Topics. Annual Meeting. Billing and Coding. Business and Management. Tech and Science. Residents Features.

Common LASIK Terms

JUN 19, Learning the Lingo: Ophthalmic Abbreviations. Related Why Benchmark? Codequest YO Info The American Academy of Ophthalmology's newsletter for young ophthalmologists YOs — those in training as well as in their first few years in practice. The Academy Store. Most Commented. Loading, please wait There are no comments available.

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